What is CROWD ?

Valuable Assets – the fast lane to maximizing your profits

Decentralized system

Network frame work is direct sponsor unlimited lines and deep bonus up to 8 level

JAK COIN Organizaton is responsible

There is no binary or placement rule in it. All member make direct sponsor and below come in his down line. Like a referral network.

Low fees & secured

Blockchain-based transection. low fees & secured end to end.


JAK features

Our Managed Companies are the workhorses that bring performance, liquidity and better ROI for all stakeholders.

  • 1.

    Bonus goes escrow as sale placed. Member can cash-out his bonus every Sunday.

  • 2.

    Reward mature same time when target sales completed. Cash out every Sunday. after admin approved

  • 3.

    Internally exchange 0.50% if some-one buy or sell his JAK with admin (JAK-USD- USD/JAK) & cash out exchanged currency instant, charges as per admin chain deduction because cash out is USD & JAK instant. Buyer can exchange amount and cash out its any time. Make cash out automatic.

  • 4.

    Internal member to member transfer. 1% Charges

Coins sale proceeds

Use of Funds & Coins allocation

JAK CROWD funds are using for the development of multiple project under JAK Business Group.

Coins Distribution

Public sales distribution %

JAK Total Sales %

Total Token : 20000000.00000000
Sales : 579238.89864461

Road map

Our Road Map leading to success


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